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Steven Sondheim – move over!

"SURPRISE! The Musical"

is Karen’s fourth musical and inludes 22 songs with a wide variety of styles, including Karen’s forte – showtunes. The voice of Dacia Jabenis mesmerizes listeners with her rendition of “All I Know.” The very talented 15 year old, Danielle Burr belts the Barbra Streisandish song, “I’m Gonna Fly!” Comedian and drama teacher, Pegi Georgeson delights listeners with her fun song, “Harold’s Babe!” Country western fans will be thrilled to hear Johnny Adams sing “Western Town,” and 15-year old triplets Erin, Missy and Mandy Maynard sing “Mama’s Piece of Heaven,” and “Special Someone.”

Karen even sings on two of her hit songs – “Back Together” and “Natural Kind of Guy.” A highlight of this diverse album is the singing debut of actor John Beasley (The General’s Daughter, The Apostle, and Rudy). He sings,”It’s Turning to December” – a Frank Sinatra type song you will listen to over and over again. Mr. Beasley’s soulful voice brings meaning to this beautiful song.

And all of you Nebraska football fans out there – sing along with the latest Husker football song: “Nebraska Football Moment.”Nebraska fan or not, you’ll want to buy this latest CD of one of the most prolific and inspiring new songwriters around!

©2001 JMR Productions
Music & Lyrics: Karen Sokolof Javitch
Orchestrations by Chuck Penington

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